I wrote a post for CSS-Tricks and people read it

This week, I had a guest post published on CSS-Tricks. You should read it.

It kinda blew up. Well, definitely blew up. What started as legitimate comment thread on the post turned quite sour when the article was shared on r/programming:

A reddit poster rephrased my article title as Designer Applies for JS Job, fails at FizzBuzz, and proceeds to write five page rant job descriptions
Not a nice way to rephrase my post title.

Yes, that would be me. I failed FizzBuzz in a job interview and I wrote about it. Whoever he is, “jm_” got a lot of karma for that one. To clarify, that’s Reddit karma, not the nice kind of karma. There’s nothing nice in that thread, and most of that crowd completely missed the point of the article anyway.

But hey, these are bullies*! And a response that huge is actually awesome – there’s a conversation to be had, and the feedback from the audience I care about has been fantastic. Stay tuned.

* The article was also posted on r/webdev and r/web_design – much better conversations over there, and good (I think heavily moderated) discussion on Hacker News.