Email list revival! Monthly Monster + Blog Posts

I have at long last revived my email list! Sign up to receive a monthly monster + feed of recent blog posts in your inbox. What a sweet deal!

Hello blog reading friends! I will be reviving my email list with a catchy theme: Monthly Monster + Blog Posts. If you’d like to sign up for it and receive a cute/friendly monster (such as the one below) and short list of recent blog posts in your inbox, you can do so right here!

A blue monster with a long neck and trunk-like nose that has a bouquet of flowers coming out of its nose

Success! Keep an eye out for Monthly Monster + Blog Posts.

The Monthly Monsters will be previously unreleased, so you will be seeing them for the first time. WOW! Check out some other monsters here.

Even if you aren’t into monsters but want to keep up with the tech work I do, this is a great way to do that.

Stay cool 🤙 (or warm, if you are in a place with winter)