Bones has made me like WordPress again

That’s right, I didn’t like it for a while. Had a pretty scarring experience with a WordPress/BuddyPress site running on 20+ heavy duty plugins, and I fully realized why people say it’s messy on the backend. I had been doing a lot of custom coding, and dealing with WP hooks and filters, misc filepaths, and the like drove me crazy. But the HTML5 Starter Theme called Bones has made me love it again.

Bones is frigging beautiful. The most comprehensive/lightweight/well-laid-out stylesheet I have ever seen. It ships in SASS and LESS and is based on a Mobile First approach. The markup is clean as can be – everything is just there and excellent, so easy to work with.

It’s not meant to be used with a child theme, which I’m realizing are part of what made WordPress frustrating. Especially for someone savvy. Justin Tadlock’s Hybrid Core is also an option, but it’s a little too stripped. Bones is the perfect medium.

So, why the circlejerk? I’m redesigning this site and am going to start blogging. I want to write a post with some more detail about what that entails. But in short, I was thinking about grad school the other day and realized I want to get out of the job bubble and back on top of the research and projects I was exploring in school. Meaning games. So, look forward to that.