As of January 3, 2021

Writing, deciding what to read, runner’s knee, learning cool things, did a fun hardware project.

  • Deciding which book to read next. There are some serious contenders.
  • I officially have runner’s knee issues, and will be lessening my running for the next while (😓), doing some exercises at home and short runs.
  • Created a tracker for non-work work habits, and learning about machine learning and statistics from my BF. I’m planning to collect 90 days of data about work sessions, and create a machine learning model to see how the different variables correlate with quality of the work time.
  • Made a “task randomizer” (below) during a week off on the Tessel 2 with Johnny Five, and taught my BF some JavaScript.
  • My mom got me a really cool cookbook, The Rise: Black Chefs and the Soul of American Food by Marcus Samuelsson, so looking forward to trying some recipes from that.
  • Slowly but surely working through the Why Not Spanish? Español en Uso online course (they are so good!)
  • Learned about some really, really cool people and research recently – specifically Amy J. Ko, Shriram Krishnamurthi, and the Future of Coding community.
  • Writing and researching my book, also slowly but surely…and something I would do well to switch to now instead of adding to these bullets.
  • Experiencing some anxiety about collecting too many things to do at one time and having unrealistic expectations of myself. This bit me hard at the end of 2019, and I am in a much better position to deal with it now, but still. I guess the answer is to prioritize, but that is easier said than done.