My 2020 in bullet points, music, and pictures (previously 2020: Year in Review)

Another year, another “Year in Review” but this time, in a more fitting format.


Another year, another “Year in Review” blog post…except this year, when I had my annual reflection about why I write this post and for whom, I decided to switch it up and make it less retrospective-y and more off-the-cuff.

Bullet Points

  • Basked in the glory of completing the 2019 NYC marathon, and wore my medal at home sometimes
  • Made zines
  • Spoke at 0 conferences and 0 meetups
  • Visited Joshua Tree
  • Went to LA for very fun team meetup before the pandemic
  • Made pretzels
  • Ran 1012 miles in the whole year
  • Lots of long runs around Pittsburgh and a few near my hometown
  • Got great running shoes from Enda
  • Started learning Spanish, for real
    • Took some lessons with a tutor and used an app to get the basics
    • Working through Español en Uso online course from Why Not Spanish?
  • Went to therapy almost every week for the entire year
  • Figured out a social media strategy that works for me
  • Made bread
  • Painted a large monster
  • Had a very successful garden
  • Did a lot of internal and external anti-racism work
    • Live blogged about it, then felt mortified and made all of the posts password protected
  • Have more responsibility at my job
  • The design system is proving itself
  • With my team, created our first set of Gutenberg blocks and planned Gutenberg rollout to our entire network of sites (!!)
  • Got lots of practice writing unit tests
  • Started to break free from the chains of white supremacy
  • Felt mortified at architectural decisions my past self made about the design system
  • Realized that feel mortified about software decisions made by my past self is part of the job, and working on morphing the mortified feeling into something else TBD
  • Spent lots of time with my family
  • Worried about COVID-19
  • Volunteered with some cool organizations
  • Obtained a very cool wall bookshelf and installed it with help
  • Started recurring donations to some cool organizations
  • Became a mentor
  • Started plans for a designer/developer meetup with some great women
  • Studied programming languages
  • Met a great new boyfriend through online dating
  • Read books and started a reading page to track them
  • Started using the LOT planner, which I’ve been sticking to
  • Redesigned this website by activating the default and excellent Twenty-twenty WordPress theme
  • Tried out a project tracking wall calendar thing
  • Got a welding lesson from my dad
  • Threw away project tracking wall calendar thing
  • Led the WordPress Core CSS Chat
  • Contributed to the CSS audit scripts for WordPress Core
  • Learned to be my most authentic self
  • Biked from Pittsburgh to D.C.
  • Successfully moderated my alcohol intake without depriving myself of joy
  • Made delicious Nepali food with great new boyfriend
  • Backpacked the Allegheny Front Trail with great new boyfriend
  • Did a hardware hacking project with Johnny Five Inventors Kit with great new boyfriend
  • Visited National Parks in Utah with great new boyfriend
  • Got another pair of great running shoes from Enda with rainbow soles
  • Wrote a decent amount of blog posts
  • Updated my job title from Senior Design Operations Engineer to Senior Software Engineer
  • Started writing a book (!!!!)


Probably my number one favorite song of 2020:

A curated selection from my most listened to 2020 tracks, according to Spotify, is on a Spotify playlist here.


Again, these are in no particular order, but some correspond to bullet points above.

Now, I will sit back and relax as I wait for my brother’s snarky comment after he encounters this post.