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2017: Year in Review What’s up, 2018!

My 2017 Year In Review post ended up morphing into a longer article, so for now, here are some goals and plans for 2018. They can be boiled down to WordPress, Computer Science studies, and writing.

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Researching Headless WordPress:
The head stays on…for now.

I have a new project coming up that is the perfect opportunity to refine my WordPress process. Building the site as a “headless CMS” and finally digging into React was at the top of my mind, but after some research, I’ve decided the head will stay on.


Thoughts on Gutenberg (Post-WordCamp US)

A follow up to my pre-WordCamp post about hesitations regarding Gutenberg. Blocks are the future, and I’m excited! Gutenberg and blocks will change the web, or at least 30% of it.