I teach fishing.


You know that expression:

Give a man (or woman) a fish and feed him (or her) for a day, teach a man (or woman) to fish and feed him (or her) for a lifetime.

Like that, but HTML, CSS, WordPress, etc.
Let's break it down:

Option 1
I teach you to fish.min.

I teach you to fish

Want to learn the ins and outs of WordPress? Looking to sharpen your CSS chops? Let's sit down 1-on-1 and I'll teach you. We move at your pace and cover what you want to know.
Read more about my teaching services here.

Option 2
Me fishing for you.

I fish for you

Oh yeah, I make things! I specialize in custom website design and branding projects for small businesses.
See my portfolio for more.

Option 3

Fishing together!

We fish together

Stuck on a project? Let's work through everything together however is best for you, whether it be private lessons or a more hands-off, directional role where I jump in when you need me.
Shoot me a note, and we can talk about how I can help.