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    Designgineering Chronicles: Months 4 – 5.5

    Another installment of Designgineering Chronicles jam packed with information! IndieWire launched with the pattern library, and we are in full pursuit of the holy grail: sharing markup between the library and production theme.

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    Advocating for Accessible UI Design

    Although it is a hot topic in our industry, accessibility is not just up to developers! In this article I wrote for CSS-Tricks, I go through several non-technical accessibility tips developers can share with designers and content providers in order to advocate for accessible UI design on teams.

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    What is PHP Output Buffering?

    As someone who works with WordPress on the regular, output buffering is one of those concepts that I've encountered in the past and, until now, never needed to understand. I hope this serves to be a relatively plain language description of what output buffering is at a high level, and will illuminate the concept for others!

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