Website With You

Let's create your WordPress site together.

This service is intended for:

  • Small businesses and individuals looking to create and manage their WordPress website internally
  • Growing businesses or endeavors in need of a quick and easy to manage website solution
  • Budgets from $1,500- $5,000

So, you need a new website. You know WordPress is the right option, and that you could figure it out yourself…but that takes a ton of time and frustration.

How about this: I’ll take care of the tasks that require years of experience, then teach you to add content and how to maintain the site yourself after it’s launched. Avoid those frustrating moments, save time and money by having me, the expert, there to guide you and jump in when you’re stuck.

Exactly what you are looking for, right?

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Website Fixing and Debugging

Stuck on a bug, or need a nudge in the right direction?

This service is intended for:

  • Designers/developers looking for help with their own projects, or are unsure how to proceed
  • Non-technical folks looking to remove dependence on a web designer or developer

You’ve hit a road bump in your project. I’ll take a look at your existing code and give some general feedback, as well as figure out what you were having trouble with. Then I’ll walk you through implementing the solution yourself.

On the other hand, maybe you have a website but are having trouble getting in touch with your designer or developer. Tell me about the issues you have, then I’ll figure them out and show you how to do it for next time.

Note: This is not a development service, unless we work out otherwise. I will not be contributing code to your project, you will!

Lara helped kick-start a project using WordPress and Timber together. A few short sessions saved me tens of hours of head-scratching, and provided best-practice advice for structuring the WordPress theme.
Alan Bauchop, Timely

Sound like you?

Go Fish


If your needs don't fit into those options, we can figure something out specifically for you.

Lara's hybrid code-teach method is hands down the best way to get an MVP off the ground and take control of your own code. You'll never touch eLance again!
Si Gornick, Founder Moovd

None of my services are set in stone. Fill out the form below, and we’ll talk on the phone for a bit to figure out the best way to tackle your project.

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