It’s rare to come across someone who strikes the right balance of web developer and educator like Lara. I hired Lara in 2015 to build my custom and responsive Wordpress website. At that time I only had a simple blog and not much of an online presence. I had an idea of what I wanted and needed, but needed someone to help me flesh out how my website should flow. One of Lara’s strengths is how she guides you through the website development process– starting with a big-picture content and strategy meeting, to brand development and style tiles, to the actual front end design, and then testing and launch. Along the way, she taught me about web development, hosting, new technologies for communication (Slack, Trello, etc.), and how to update my site. She does it all with ease and a smile. I gladly recommend Lara as a web developer and am excited to work with her again in the future.
Yuling Tan


The design for Yuling's website was a collaborative process. Yuling created a style tile that informed the overall design guidelines, and we worked together to apply them throughout the site.

The style tile for Yuling Designs.

Using the style tile as a guide, we mapped the design patterns to actual website components and page templates and iterated on the site design as content was added.

Site Features

A large dropdown menu functions as lens, giving site visitors a preview of the hidden pages' contents.

Wish List with localStorage

Perhaps the feature I am most pleased with in Yuling’s site is the Wish List feature. Yuling did not want to sell her products on the website per se, but she did want to receive detailed inquiries from potential customers that would allow her to give them accurate cost and time estimates.

Since the data relevant to the “Wish List” was essentially temporary; it only needed to be available for the duration of a user’s session on the site, and accessible in a way for Yuling to save for reference before sending a quote. It was a perfect use for JavaScript’s localStorage API, and I was excited to have an excuse to learn it in the context of a real project!

Slack for the win

In addition to regular video call check-ins, Yuling and I used Slack for quick, organized communication and to keeping track of information and files.

Our Slack team contained three main channels: #dev, #login-info, and #general. I hired a fellow developer, Matt Lee, to help with some front-end work, and using the #dev channel we kept all of the tech-speak in a place where Yuling didn’t have to be bothered with it.

Working through last minute tweaks as we launched the site.