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Tutoring has been part of my services for the past several years. I primarily worked with students 1-on-1 and taught a range of subjects and skill-levels ranging from beginning HTML/CSS to advanced Sass and WordPress development.

Lara provided the best tutoring experience I’ve ever had. In the course of 6 months of one-on-one HTML/CSS sessions, I learned invaluable coding skills and best practices for building a responsive website from scratch using PHP, jQuery, CSS, and yes, Google. Lara is professional, approachable and makes learning fun! With weekly classes and study hours I built a complete website and I am applying the new skills I’ve gained in my projects at work. I can’t say enough about how beneficial my learning experience was and I would highly recommend Lara to anyone who is looking for focused and engaging tutoring. I’m also happy to note that Lara has also become a good friend.
Tanya Chesterfield, Barnes & Noble

I worked with Tanya, above, for about eight months. I love working with students 1-on-1 because everyone learns differently, and that focused attention allowed me to explain or demo a concept until it resonated with the individual student.

In my tutoring sessions, I found I was myself repeating a lot. There were certain ways of explaining concepts that consistently resonated with students, as well as a base level of knowledge I wanted students to have before we addressed their specific questions or development tasks. I decided the way forward was to create online courses. That way, I could be sure of students’ knowledge levels and remove the need to cover basic content that was not directly related to what they were hiring me to help them with, thus making their sessions more valuable.

Google Hangouts on Air

I began by holding and recording live classes via Google Hangouts on Air. I built a WordPress site at to house the video recordings along with notes, homework, and resources for each lesson. Making use of custom post types, taxonomies, and the plugin Restrict Content Pro, the course content was well organized and existed behind a paywall.

Then, I hired an assistant to help me orchestrate editing the classes into more digestible chunks or chapters.