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MTNmeister is a podcast “exploring the minds of those who explore”. It consists of bi-weekly interviews with outdoors professionals, and required a web presence to highlight each of the podcast guests. Reconciling the natures of long form audio with the quick consumption of web-based content was a challenge, and our solution took the form of a custom WordPress site with “Meister profile pages” and the ability to connect recommended gear and other episode content with each guest.

MTNmeister's text logo.

I developed the site using Timber, a Twig templating library for WordPress. The WordPress admin was heavily customized according to a content strategy I determined before beginning the site, and makes extensive use of Advanced Custom Fields. I took great care to separate content from presentation – it is very important for producers to not be bogged down by the display of their content, their focus should be on creating it.

Customized content management with Advanced Custom Fields.

The site’s source is open and can be seen on Github here, and I wrote a blog post about the process.