“Lock your computer”

    Something really disturbing and malicious has been happening to my personal laptop over the past couple of months. This post is part true, part April Fools' joke.

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    Thai Food in Los Angeles

    Once you can process the fact that great restaurants can be in strip malls, Los Angeles does a few things better than NYC and Thai food is one of them. I have yet to figure out what the others are (probably Korean food), but bear with me. Where to find […]

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    Workspace of late

    I quite enjoy seeing other people's workspaces, particularly the people I only know of through online means. I have finally figured out a work routine I'm happy with here in Los Angeles. I can't say I'm sold on the city quite yet, but that's another blog post. For now, here are my tools of the trade.

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    I designed some skis

    I’m into skiing, and it’s time for a gear upgrade. Courtesy my brother at MTNmeister, I’m getting custom skis from Parlor Skis in Boston, and got to design the graphics myself – how cute are these? And here they are in Alta (took a very nice, unplugged vacation […]

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    Left my phone in a cab…

    Let’s appreciate how great Find My iPhone and NYC cabbies are – phone returned within a day or so. And this was a successful reddit post! Fun stuff.

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    Look how cute!

    I’m about to launch a WordPress workshop…stay tuned! In line with the fishing metaphor, this would be you after you take it.

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    How the Internet Works Comic

    I’ve totally posted this before, but just want to reiterate how great it is. I used it in my class at General Assembly and I think it was an excellent guide for talking about what is normally a really confusing/jargon-heavy topic. via Fabulously Broke […]

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    Sketching with the Paper app

    A little bit ago I purchased a Bamboo stylus (don’t get the collapsible one) for the iPad and have been drawing with the app Paper, by FiftyThree. A few cute/bizarre results: […]

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    to dos over the next year

    That's USC. Grad school is on the horizon. Well, I'll apply next December, but it's time to start preparing and pick up where I left off after school. Which is where? My ultimate goal (in life I think) is to design games for college curricula, ergo I will go to grad school for game design. In undergrad, my focus was on a bizarre, insufficiently articulated project called NODOI and its compliment, lnfnmo. These projects led me to realize the potential in videogames to incite realizations and to teach in a way more linear media can't. So, I diligently researched Game Studies/Ludology and even attended the Art History of Games conference in Atlanta. My final year/semester in school I focused more on gaining technical skills, specifically web design/dev (i.e. money makin skills). After school and up until now (1 year later), I have stepped away from the game world and delved into the design/dev/startup arena through my work with ScenableĀ and a few freelance projects. Of course I will continue that, but it's time to start gradually shifting my focus back to games to prepare for school. How to do that? I have a few things in mind for the next year -

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    If localhost/PhpMyAdmin is 404

    Then most likely you’ve been sloppyily setting up configurations – this was my case at least :/. First make sure phpmyadmin is installed, then include its configuration file (httpd-phpmyadmin.conf) in your apache’s httpd.conf. On a Mac, httpd-conf will probably be in /opt/local/apache2/conf, and httpd-phpmyadmin.conf in conf/extra. If that’s the […]

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    Productivity Scene in Pgh

    I went to a great talk at Assemble (art/tech gallery on Penn) the other night by author of SharePgh.com Connor Sites-Bowen. The event is was called Manifestto:DO: getting Sh*t done in Pittsburgh. Not your standard/redundant life hacks information, great, real info from real people. During the […]

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