Unsound job descriptions filter out highly qualified candidates.

Over-listing technologies and inaccurately representing a position will cause highly qualified candidates to bypass the job posting, and require you to invest even more time and money into the hiring process.

Even seemingly trivial things, like improper capitalization of technical terms, can reflect poorly on your company. A job posting is an opportunity for you and your team to shine, and you should use it.

I’ll make sure all of these bases are covered, and that you don’t unintentionally turn away those promising applicants.

How it happens

Send me your description, we'll talk, I'll edit, and return the polished copy to you.

  • Step 1: Send me your stuff.

    In addition to the job description itself, send links to where you’ve posted it and describe any methods of recruiting you use. Feel free to use the form below.

  • Step 2: Let's talk.

    After reviewing the description, I’ll need to better understand your company goals, culture, and hiring process. I suggest a 30 min video call, but am happy to send a short questionnaire if that works better with your schedule. If you are in NYC, I’m happy to grab coffee too.

    I’ll likely have technical questions about the position. If you are non-technical, refer to a colleague or answer as best you can, and I’ll infer the rest.

  • Step 3: I edit.

    Via a collaborative Google Doc, I’ll revise the list of qualifications so they communicate the position clearly to applicants. I’ll advise on the job’s title, another area of ambiguity, and make sure all technical terms are used correctly. Believe it or not, it’s sometimes the little things – like Sass, not SASS – that can deter the quality candidates you are seeking.

  • Step 4: Revise and deliver.

    You’ll review my edits to the description and give feedback. We’ll come up with a list of additional adjustments, and I’ll deliver a version ready for you to post on job boards. I can also recommend additional posting locations should you need them.

  • Step 5: Beer! Hire!

    Go forth and hire new, awesome people.

Get Started

Send me a note and links if you have 'em.

After I have a look through your material, I’ll come up with an appropriate cost for the editing your description and will be in touch.