Pittsburgh is a wonderful place

    Pittsburgh is and always will be my home city. I'm back for an long trip over the holidays and in between some east coast conferences, and it's been a wonderful trip. The grey skies and wintry weather are a welcome break from the monotony of LA sunshine (it's nice but...not for me). Here's what I've been up to.

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    [Book Rec] Creative Quest by Questlove

    Creative Quest could not have come at a better time for me. It's essentially a holistic guidebook to being creative, and the concepts have literally applied to every aspect of my life. If you're a creative person and looking to put some more energy into developing that side of yourself, I can't recommend it enough!

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    Email newsletters I enjoy

    I'm really loving the medium of trustworthy email newsletters lately – here is a compendium of my favorite weekly-ish ones, both within the web dev sphere but also outside it.

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    Podcast Recommendation: A Piece of Work

    Abbi Jacobson, the long-haired one from Broad City, has a podcast about modern art. It’s fantastic. As an art school graduate who doesn’t remember very much about art, I absolutely relate to the podcast’s sentiment: It’s everything you want to know about modern art but were afraid to ask.

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    A favorite tweet

    I mention this tweet at least three times a week (both while teaching CSS and in general conversation). Now you will too! […]

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    I designed some skis

    I’m into skiing, and it’s time for a gear upgrade. Courtesy my brother at MTNmeister, I’m getting custom skis from Parlor Skis in Boston, and got to design the graphics myself – how cute are these? And here they are in Alta (took a very nice, unplugged vacation […]

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    Podcasts are Amazing + Recommendations

    Before getting into a few, relatively web design-centric favorites, let's compare podcasts to the written word. By "written word" I mean articles, blogs, and the like. What you sift through on Feedly or links found on Twitter, anything you'd save to Pocket. So yeah, this post qualifies. Oh the irony!

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    2013 Web Design Shout Outs

    The past few weeks I have been entirely overwhelmed with inspiration and need to drop some serious shout outs: People and Places First and foremost, the the entire web design/dev/tech community. What an open, motivating, and supportive group of people! In particular: Brad Frost - whose work makes me so excited to build things. Matt Griffin's seriously fantastic articles on A List Apart Everything on Bearded's Github Laura Kalbag - freelance inspiration. Destroy Today/Jonnie Hallman - gave great talk at NYC Creative Mornings. 2013 Web Design Day, thanks Jason and Val! Rob Harr's (of Sparkbox) talk on pricing at Refresh Pittsburgh CatapultPGH, coworking in Pittsburgh New Work City, coworking in NYC And so many more!

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    I’m Just a Bill

    Some inspiring, light-hearted nostalgia for you (I just returned from a month in Europe and am not quite ready to write a substantial post). After that, maybe take a look at Jimmy Kimmel’s parody “You’re Screwed”.

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    Artists, read Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

    Yes, it’s a comic about comics. But not about comics as you might initially think of them – it’s about visual and representational language in general. If you are anything like me and have let your art theory knowledge go to seed (somewhat) after college, this is an […]

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    The Saxifrage School

    From their website: The Saxifrage School is redesigning higher education by lowering costs, re-thinking the campus, and reconciling theory and practice. We teach students to make what is valuable and to question the value of what is made. Watch this: One of the most inspiring projects […]

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