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June 25, 2022

I am no longer feeling frustrated with my note-taking system as described below. I’m also not sure what this page is. I want to keep publishing posts like the Updates posts, so I’ll just treat this like I was treating the Now page before until a new system comes up.

I added this to the Reading page:

I’m focusing on a lot of self help/personal skill development books right now, especially things that will help me manage stress and my time during the challenging years ahead in grad school. I might try out a different style of reading, for example, inspectional reading (or another style that might be in How to Read A Book, which I might need to read 🤪), so that it doesn’t take so much time to get the main bits of information. After a bit more of this personal development content, I am considering a switch to fiction so that reading can be a relaxing activity where I forget about everything and become involved in stories vs. what it is now, an engaging time to absorb compelling facts and consider how they apply to my life.

I also wrote up a post with my mother-in-law’s recipe for aloo sadeko (Nepali potato salad). Yum!

Maybe this page is like a log of updates I made to other pages, also with general life updates?

June 20, 2022

I’ve generally enjoyed all of this productivity and note-taking technology stuff, but today I’m like “fuck that”, let me go back to my kinda-bullet journal thing. I also learned/remembered that our brains forget things for a reason and that trying to capture all of the information actually causes you to remember less. I realized I have been tracking every little idea for a task that comes to my mind, and now I feel overwhelmed because there are so many tasks. If I didn’t record them, they would have been forgotten and maybe come up later, but I wouldn’t be overwhelmed. It’s also possible the overwhelm is not a result of accumulating tasks. I’ve been thinking about how we “create work” for ourselves and for others, and this seems like an example of that.

June 19, 2022

Regarding the literature review, here is a process recommended by my advisor and how I’ve kind of modified it:

  • Search a keyword in Google Scholar and order results by most recent
  • …don’t have time to write this now.

Update June 20: I added my work so far to this post. I don’t feel very confident in the categories, or really about anything at the moment, but that’s a temporary feeling.

June 14, 2022

I am working on a literature review task and refining my notetaking process and information management system as I do it. I think I’ve been using the Zettelkasten note categories incorrectly. I’ve also discovered Zotero for saving references and this post from Mariana Montes about using Zotero with Obsidian. I don’t need all of this functionality yet, but trying to be proactive I guess?