Coding and Me

All too often, someone new to the tech world sees coding as some kind of magic language we coders are born with. When you see a programmer slapping away at the keyboard, it’s no wonder! But it’s not magic. Really. Coding is not like this This morning I read a great article, What “coder” means […]

Web Development

Exclude .sass-cache files from Sublime Search [Snippet]

How to hide .sass-cache from your Sublime so that it doesn’t show up in search.


“Just” is a dangerous word.

“Just update your ruby gems, generate a new SSH key, and run a git rebase…” … I don’t envy those just entering the field of web development. In addition to learning the fundamentals, there’s an expectation to be proficient in an increasingly exhausting laundry list of buzzwords and technologies. So think twice before suggesting someone […]


New workshop! Responsive CSS layouts

CSS layouts are tough…I don’t care who you are! Floats and clearfixing are just hard concepts to grasp, and building layouts in CSS the proper way is no small feat. Come to this evening workshop and learn to create your own responsive layouts. Where and when, you ask? August 21, 7-9pm at New Work City […]


Left my phone in a cab…

Let’s appreciate how great Find My iPhone and NYC cabbies are – phone returned within a day or so. And this was a successful reddit post! Fun stuff.