As you may have noticed, I’ve been pretty slow about getting back to your questions and have not updated the theme for some time – apologies.

In sum, WPFolio Two is no longer being supported, but a new and much improved version is just about here! In addition to much cleaner code (my skills are much improved) the new version will also feature:

• Responsive, mobile first development

• Multiple webfont options

• Project custom post type

• Taxonomies for related People and Places

•..and more!

You can take a look at the in-progress demo site here. Otherwise, feel free to grab the new theme on Github and give it a whirl. Add any issues you find to the Github issues area. Any and all feedback appreciated – feel free to email me at

More soon!

Attention! Development on WPFolio is on hold. Though there is an in-progress version on Github.