What do I teach?

Well, that depends...what do you want to know?

  • Front-end Development

    Beginning to advanced HTML, CSS, Sass, templating, and workflow with Grunt. Responsive design throughout.

  • WordPress

    From an intro to the Dashboard to PHP and advanced theme development with Timber. And best practices all around.

  • Development Workflow

    From keyboard shortcuts to setting up your local development environment to version control with Git.

  • Freelancing

    Let's talk proposals, contracts, building your portfolio, getting work, and of course, getting paid.

  • Modern Best Practices

    We'll talk about the importance of content, device-agnostic design, and creating semantic, reusable code

  • Self Teaching

    Learn to continue learning. That means getting excited when things don't work, and learning to figure them out.

Service Options

I have a few service options varying from pure instruction to your handing the project off to me completely.

  • Teach Me To Fish

    You want to learn to code, but don't want to take a class. Maybe you already know some web development but need to fill in the gaps or work on a specific project.

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  • Fish With Me

    Let's divvy up the work; I do the hard stuff, and you do what can be easily learned over a few sessions. Instead of handing everything off to a developer, you can partake in the process yourself and be prepared to support your project following it's completion.

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  • Fish For Me

    I create custom WordPress websites for small businesses, with special attention to content strategy, brand, and performance. I also work with early stage startups designing front-end templates with squeaky clean markup and stylesheets.

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What I don't do.

Just FYI.

I am not looking for a job.

My work is usually on a by-project basis. That being said, I would be happy to assist you in the hiring process, or help out on a part-time contract. I often come across budding designers and developers in my teaching and would be happy to refer you as well.

I am not a back-end developer. If you need someone to engineer your Rails or Node.js app, it’s not me.

Squeaky clean template markup and stylesheets are my jam. If you are looking for someone to build the data structure behind your React app, I’m not your gal.

I won’t maintain your website without you.

If you are looking to hire┬ásomeone to maintain an existing website so you can be completely hands-off, it’s not me. However, I’d be happy to refer you to another developer if I know one that suits.