What do I teach?

Well, that depends...what do you want to know?

  • Front-end Development

    Beginning to advanced HTML, CSS, Sass, templating, and workflow with Grunt. Responsive design throughout.

  • WordPress

    From an intro to the Dashboard to PHP and advanced theme development with Timber. And best practices all around.

  • Development Workflow

    From keyboard shortcuts to setting up your local development environment to version control with Git.

  • Freelancing

    Let's talk proposals, contracts, building your portfolio, getting work, and of course, getting paid.

  • Modern Best Practices

    We'll talk about the importance of content, device-agnostic design, and creating semantic, reusable code

  • Self Teaching

    Learn to continue learning. That means getting excited when things don't work, and learning to figure them out.

Service Options

I have a few service options varying from pure instruction to your handing the project off to me completely.

  • Teach Me To Fish

    You want to learn to code, but don't want to take a class. Maybe you already know some web development but need to fill in the gaps or work on a specific project.

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  • Fish With Me

    Let's divvy up the work; I do the hard stuff, and you do what can be easily learned over a few sessions. Instead of handing everything off to a developer, you can partake in the process yourself and be prepared to support your project following it's completion.

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  • Fish For Me

    I create custom WordPress websites for small businesses, with special attention to content strategy, brand, and performance. I also work with early stage startups designing front-end templates with squeaky clean markup and stylesheets.

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